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Standard User P_ilchard
(newbie) Sat 18-Feb-12 15:14:11
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Talktalk/Pipex Nightmare "service"

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My WORST nightmare! Been with Pipex for years for line rental, phone and broadband. Moving house soon and am changing to new supplier, so advised them of the date 3 weeks before moving. 2 days later my line is disconnected. Numerous calls to Pipex and Talktalk call centres (using my neighbour's phone) to ask to get reconnected and they can't help because there is no record of my ever having had an account nor a record of my phone number. And yet I can look online at my previous 45 monthly bills!!! And I am sure I will get more.

This organisation (I use the term loosely) is an absolute shambles, nobody to take charge of a problem. And I have to advise the world and his wife of my new address without internet connection or landline........

I really hope someone in their employ will read this for some feedback.
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