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Standard User omgFTTC
(newbie) Sat 09-Jun-12 22:47:29
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bt fttc cabinets

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in thoery i am super close to getting fiber optic its untrue,

Called talktalk sales today, I said i would like fiber 40mb added to my account, sales said np sir, let me check your line, moments later "yes thats fine fiber is available for your line, let me transfer you over the the fiber team"

fiber team, "Hello sir, you would like 40mb service is this correct:" me yes smile

Fiber team "Moment sir let me check your line, yes sir that seems fine it is available for your line, I will add now"

Fiber team "Im sorry sir it is giving me an error at xchange when i try and add to your service , there must be a fault, please call back in 1-2 weeks"

So im in limbo,lol

so spotted couple open reach vans working at a green cabinet, a few streets away,
I decide to ask if they know if my cabinet has been updated, they arent local so are unsure, they were busy upgrading green box to fiber smile

But what they did tell me, unless you see a newly fitted green box/cabinet, it means its not done yet. so you see old and new side by side ,

i explained, our scheme has huge green box, 6th high 8ft wide, and at least 4ft deep,,
they recon it could be a mobile transmitter one,

is there any way, this is a newer style and wouldnt need a second box?

thanks for any replies

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Standard User comerford
(newbie) Sat 09-Jun-12 23:47:48
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Re: bt fttc cabinets

[re: omgFTTC] [link to this post]
Nope it's not a telecoms cabinet. It's either a water or gas (both use similar ones when needed)
Standard User greenglide
(member) Sat 09-Jun-12 23:57:52
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Re: bt fttc cabinets

[re: comerford] [link to this post]
To get FTTC you require an FTTC CAB which is ENABLED.

If your CAB isnt enabled yet, and they dont enable all CABs on an exchange in one go, then you will have to wait.

It could be an error in the database that is used. Try the BT ADSL Checker with the number of a very near neighbour (same post code) and see what it says.

FTTC always uses a second CAB but they are not always literally next to each other - they are positioned so that the can be connected to a mains supply which isnt the case for a normal PCP.

Ex <n>ildram , been to SKY MAX - 15,225 Download
BE Unlimited - 21,000 Download 1,200 Upload ON THE LINE THAT SKY COULD ONLY PROVIDE 15,255 DOWN AND 800 UP ON!!!,
Moved house, now BE Unlimited 6,500 Down, 1Mb/s up - gutted!
FTTC Cab installation commenced 12th April - expect full 80 / 20 - bye bye BE, hello BT Infinity soon!

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Standard User omgFTTC
(newbie) Sun 10-Jun-12 01:19:24
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Re: bt fttc cabinets

[re: greenglide] [link to this post]
Thanks very much for replies guys,

tried close to door numbers and streets ran speed test om postcodes and door number to a point, to find max 80down 20 up, and using google maps can see bt box,
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