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Standard User paulb100
(regular) Sat 26-Jan-13 16:46:35
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anyone use Bit-Torrent on Talk Talk with Encryption?

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My friend is toying with the idea of moving from Sky LLu (16Mbps) to Talk Talk LLu Fibre (76Mbps) - he is a regular torrent user and my Dad has Talk Talk (Brampton exchange) and I was able too circumvent the P2P blocks simply by enabling 'encryption' in uTorrent, I got 2MB/s (16Mbps) speeds on torrents from IPT and TPB over period of days I was there (in evenings), when I turned off encryption it would stop to 0.1KB/s, turn back on and restart uTorrent and back up to full speed... this was just regular legacy encryption too...not forced.

I have read that changing ports to ones used for other services like HTTPS (443) and FTP (21) can also work but never tried them.

My friend is trying to get a clearer picture of how this works for other customers, I.E. is it exchange specific (doubt it) - I think all customers would be regulated by the same system in place...obviously he still wants to use torrents.

yes he is with Sky LLu and his connection is good, but sky are slowly going down-hill and their Fibre is much more expensive than TT's


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Standard User Stoatwblr
(learned) Sat 23-Feb-13 13:57:23
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Re: anyone use Bit-Torrent on Talk Talk with Encryption?

[re: paulb100] [link to this post]
As far as I've been able to determine TT merely shape p2p traffic and aren't aggressive about it.

Switching to non-encrypted BT or ed2k sometimes results in a slowdown at certain times, but nothing as dramatic as you've posted.

Outside of peak hours, encrypted/non-encrypted both run at the same speed.

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