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Standard User TPCR
(newbie) Fri 31-May-13 23:05:28
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TalkTalk preps for LLU Expansion at last

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Budget internet and phone provider TalkTalk has published its latest Q1-2013 results, which saw them add another +10,000 broadband subscribers (unchanged from Q4-2012) to total 4,063,000 customers. The number of people taking their Superfast Fibre (FTTC) service also grew to 73,000 (+21k and broadly unchanged from Q4-2012).

On top of that the ISPs new YouView (IPTV) based “Plus TV” service bundle has increased its growth by reaching 230,000 subscribers, which is up sharply from the 80k recorded in Q4-2012 and the 29k seen in Q3-2012. The provider has long seen TV services as a vital customer retention tool for the future and the evidence suggests that it might just be working.

Dido Harding, CEO of TalkTalk, said:

“This has been a momentous year for TalkTalk, which is now a fundamentally better business than it was three years ago. In the year we have returned our customer base to growth, successfully launched TV and mobile handsets, grown TalkTalk Business, and returned to year-on-year revenue growth in the final quarter.

We have the UK’s fastest growing new TV business and our customers clearly appreciate its comprehensive content and value for money pricing. We will continue to invest in growth and remain confident that having more customers who buy more products and who stay with us longer, puts us firmly on track to achieve our medium term financial targets.”

TalkTalk also notes that its unbundled (LLU) broadband and phone platform can now reach 2,724 telephone exchanges (7 new exchanges were unbundled away from BT in Q1-2013), which means that their service covers approximately 95% of the UK population. It should be noted that 193,000 of the ISPs customers still use their old BT based product (most likely because they live outside of the providers LLU footprint).

The good news is that TalkTalk now plans to unbundle another 300 exchanges in FY14 and see the “potential to extend the programme beyond that as the cost of unbundling exchanges falls and, on-net customer ARPU grows, allowing us to continue to profitably extend our geographic reach“. The ISP added that it would also continue to “expand the capacity of our network, which we expect to grow by 50-100x over the next 3-5 years“.

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TalkTalk have even updated their Broadband Traffic Management

TalkTalk Confirms their Removal of Peak Time Traffic Management

Internet and phone provider TalkTalk has confirmed that its Plus and entry-level Essentials fixed line broadband products will no longer apply Traffic Management during peak times, which effectively makes the products “totally unlimited” instead of merely “unlimited“. Yes there’s a difference.

TalkTalk has advised that the change, which was initially spotted by Thinkbroadband, actually occurred on 13th May 2013 but for some reason the provider chose not to shout from the rooftops about it. Perhaps because most people understandably tend to assume that “unlimited” already means “totally unlimited“, even if it doesn’t in the eyes of some providers.

A Spokesperson for TalkTalk told

“Last year we scrapped download limits on Essentials and as of the 13th of May have made our network totally unlimited by removing the limited traffic management policy that we had in place. This means that our customers will never be slowed down, even at peak times, and is part of our ongoing investment in our network. TalkTalk customers can now enjoy the UK’s best value totally unlimited broadband.”

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TalkTalk LLU
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