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Standard User Simon888
(regular) Sun 20-Oct-13 18:39:00
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Problem sending emails from secondary email address

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Hi there,

Last week my Dad who is with Tiscali had issues sending emails from his secondary email address

The email send fine, but you get a BOUNCE email right back saying

The following message to was undeliverable, You are sending mail as Sender Envelope which is different from your SMTP Authenticated User

I have removed the email addresses for security reasons.

I know BT ages ago stopped people sending emails from anything other than their primary email address unless you added the other email addresses in their system somehow.

Have Tiscai, or Talk Talk suddenly introduced a security "feature" to try and combat spam maybe?

I was on the phone to India and the woman just could not understand what I was telling her. I guess it was outside her script. I told her work for work what the issue and she typed it in to escalate it, but heard nothing back.

So wondering if anyone here has had this issue and how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance smile

Standard User iand
(fountain of knowledge) Sat 26-Oct-13 16:21:12
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Re: Problem sending emails from secondary email address

[re: Simon888] [link to this post]
I assume the secondary email address has its own settings, that you need to use for sending/receiving using that address.

It is possible letting one address send as another address has been stopped.

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