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Standard User RogerE
(committed) Sun 27-Apr-14 12:07:07
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TalkTalk emails blocked by Hotmail and MSN

[link to this post]
Last night I sent out 80 odd emails and all of those that went to hotmail (.com and and to addresses (10 in total) came back as ISP is on block list.

Tried resending those 10 again this morning and same thing happened

TalkTalk don't seem to accept it is their problem, and must be something to do with my email system.

Anyone having same problem?
Standard User Rhole
(newbie) Sun 27-Apr-14 17:19:11
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Re: TalkTalk emails blocked by Hotmail and MSN

[re: RogerE] [link to this post]
Surely you will have been blocked for spam by Microsoft. It could be that some of the recipients of your emails reported it/them as such over time.

It would be Microsoft you would need to contact about that. Probably would need to prove the emails sent were not spam and actually 'signed up for' in some way.

Edited by Rhole (Sun 27-Apr-14 17:23:43)

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