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Standard User jonnyp83
(newbie) Sun 01-May-16 15:46:31
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Transfer to Talk Talk - Advice needed

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Up until last year I was with Talk Talk, but BT offered a better deal so transferred to BT porting my number across. Having not had a great experience, I have decided to transfer back to Talk Talk - which I assumed would be simple.

Visiting Talk Talk's website I get advised that the package (Fibre M) is not available - strange I thought as it was the package I was previously on. I used the chat service and was advised that I could not port my number across, but could have the package as new line activation. When I asked why they advised that it is because the number was disconnected with them.

The forum team at Talk Talk are at a loss why the number cannot be ported across, and the Twitter team have advised that their provisioning team can port the number across once I have ceased the service with BT - which if I do I'm going to be without any service for days.

Can anyone explain why Talk Talk are advising I cannot port my number in, and why a Cease and Provide is needed?
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