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Standard User tamesisfwp
(newbie) Thu 08-Sep-16 16:56:11
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intermittent service and headbanging support

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We reported a fault on our broadband on 22nd July and spent an hour or more gong through it with their engineer and doing all the tricks and tests they asked - they finally concluded it was a line issue and booked openreach to visit on Monday 25th. The engineer was with us for an hour and said someone at TT had cranked up the settings to provide us with a speed far in excess of what the cable can provide and our download was being stripped. He reset it and it seemed comfortable at about 12. He replaced the modem with something more up to date from his own reserve. Job done and worked well for 36 hours and then went back to previous problem.
the speed test showed we were receiving downloads at between 1.5 and 2.5 on both occasions with an upload of about 1.
We have now spent over 20 hours on the phone and 3 hours with engineers camped out here.
The replaced modem was faulty as was the wall unit. The new one sent through the post to us - simply we have no way of knowing.
Intermittently we receive download speed of 13 to 14 from the Gloucester or Newport servers but mostly 1.5 to 3 which is no use to anyone. Bristol server says between 1.5 and 3.5 always.
Each time we speak with Technical support we find they have closed the fault case even though we have told them we do not consider it resolved and have to start all over again and the engineer seems incapable of listening that the problem lies outside of our home (maybe not if another faulty modem has been sent us) and insists on repeating all the myriad tests from scratch and them blaming it on Openreach as their fault.
We are now outside of the contractual time they have to repair a fault and we have told them we are cancelling the contract - to which they reply not possible s only a few days have elapsed - as they have opened a new fault report each time.
There appear to be deep management issues within TT executive levels because they seem to not embrace this issue - perhaps the premature closing of the report to comply with parameters is the clue to the real issue.
Of course now we have the CS goons to fend off as they insist they are within contract terms and our notice is invalid.
Now we have the problem of finding an alternate supplier and they all seems as bad as each other.
Any advice folks? anyone from TT read this?
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