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Standard User Chippy_Tea_
(member) Thu 14-Sep-17 19:52:26
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HG633 v HG635 Head to Head (Faster Fibre)

[link to this post]
I posted this in the fibre broadband forum over a the TT community forum and someone decided to move it to General Technology, Tips & Tricks forum and when i then left a link to it in my original thread that was also removed so basically they are censoring what i post, like someone said here they will never admit the HG633 is inferior to the discontinued HG635 router.

The head to head test results are in, bear in mind non of my devices use 802.11ac.

Both router stats for line quality were nearly identical at 39997 down and 9995 up.

HG633 Ethernet -

HG633 Wi-fi. -

HG635 Ethernet. -

HG635 Wi-fi. -

A 6Mbps increase over the HG633 is not to be sniffed at and as i don't have any devices that will work on 802.11ac and don't intend to upgrade any time soon it'll do for me, i also prefer the design and smaller size.

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Standard User Chippy_Tea_
(member) Fri 15-Sep-17 19:07:39
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Re: HG633 v HG635 Head to Head (Faster Fibre)

[re: Chippy_Tea_] [link to this post]
Forgot to add the link -

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