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Standard User cay7
(newbie) Mon 21-Feb-11 17:17:59
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Using Skype

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Hi, I'm on BT Total Broadband Option 1 (10GB limit) which has been more than adequate for the past 8 months. Suddenly in January I've used 65GB and so far February I'm up to 27.9GB - no emails from BT warning me that I was approaching my limit of 10GB tho', so I'm now facing a heafty bill. I've used Skype to speak to my daughter in Ibiza about 4 times since the start of January - do you think this could be the reason?
Thanks cay7
Standard User BatBoy
(legend) Mon 21-Feb-11 19:27:12
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Re: Using Skype

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Could be. Skype may be using you as a "Supernode"

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