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Standard User jdenchfield
(newbie) Mon 28-Mar-11 23:14:20
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tbb meter not always starting up

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I have version of tbbmeter. I was checking it today as BT reckon I have exceeded my BB usage allowance and I was hoping the tbbmeter would give me some ammunition! However, there are days when the tbbmeter doesn't appear to be recording any usage. We use the internet almost (if not) every day. I suspected that tbbmeter may not be automatically starting when I log into my computer in a particular scenario.

I run Windows 7, rarely shut down completely (just put it in sleep mode), but I do have an ongoing issue where I have to force log off occasionally. I suspected this to be the problem, so tested by doing a forced log off (ctrl+alt+del and select log off). Lo and behold, when I logged back in tbbmeter did not restart. Usage stats shown here highlight the problem:

Is there any way round this without doing a complete shut down every time? I don't want to have to rely on my memory to switch it back on.... Any help gratefully received.

Many thanks

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 29-Mar-11 08:40:26
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Re: tbb meter not always starting up

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sc stop tbbloaderservice

to stop the process that runs at boot time and then

sc start tbbloaderservice

and tbbmeter will start after a few seconds.

Alternatively just run it from the program files/ folder

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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