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Standard User DJC2
(newbie) Mon 18-Apr-11 16:09:16
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Multiple Computers

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I have installed tbbMeter on desktop + 2 laptops to measure usage over BT Broadband at home. If the laptops are taken out of the building and connected to another network, I obviously do not want to measure usage over that network. How do I achieve this? Do I just untick "Open tbbMeter at Startup" when taking a laptop away from home, leaving the meter unused, and then retick "Open tbbMeter at Startup" when bringing the laptop back home, so as to use the meter again?

Similar issue: with several users on the same pc, the first to use it starts up tbbMeter. If that user fails to log off, but remains in the background, tbbMeter does not appear on screen for subsequent users. Does this mean it is only registering the first user's traffic, with the result that the first user should really log off if the meter is to register subsequent users' traffic?
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