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Standard User flappa
(newbie) Thu 28-Apr-11 15:45:15
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Email statistics

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was not sure what section to put this in so hope this is the right one for this question.

with tbb i know that you can check your data in the my profile, but is there anyway that these statistics can be emailed to you as well ?
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 28-Apr-11 15:49:37
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Re: Email statistics

[re: flappa] [link to this post]
The image created on the webpage can be emailed as an inserted image/link, or copy/pasted.

the list of data making up the image can be copied/pasted into Excel and saved.

tbbmeter itself has an Export option in the tbbMeter statistics window, which lets you save the data as a CSV file.

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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