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Standard User mcompton69
(learned) Sat 30-Apr-11 14:52:45
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tbbMeter.exe Problems

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I have been having problems with this for some time and i believe i now know the answer.

WIn 7 x64 (no SP), with

After starting up my machine, i can interact with the graph, the pop-up display and right click menu, but after resuming from startup or hibernate (or it seems just sometimes 'after a while' of my machine running), i cannot interact with the tbbMeter.exe process at all. By that I mean that none of the above features work - but also that i cannot close it through task manager (with admin privileges).

I believe it could be due to that process running from startup with SYSTEM creds (i am not talking about the service, only the app), because if i close it and reopen it it runs with user creds and appears to work fine.

Does anyone else have this problem and is there a solution?

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Standard User OpenAccess
(learned) Sat 30-Apr-11 19:03:27
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Re: tbbMeter.exe Problems

[re: mcompton69] [link to this post]
Hi mcompton69,

To stop ttbmeter.exe. First you need to stop the ttbLoaderService , then you can stop process ttbmeter.exe using admin privileges.
After a short wait restart ttbLoaderService this will restart ttbmeter.exe

You may see the old icon in the system tray but this will disappear shortly after the new icon appears.

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