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Standard User clivew321
(newbie) Sat 06-Aug-11 15:39:58
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Stats Collection not starting from limited user account

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With versions after v0.9.5.3 (e.g. v0.9.8.4, v0.9.8.5), on XPsp3 32bit, if the first account to log in after system boot is a limited user account, tbbmeter will start but not record any stats. When an account in the administrators group logs in, starts are collected from that point on. If the administrator account then logs out and a limited account then logs in, stats collection continues OK. This first happened after updating from v0.9.5.3. I cleared all traces of the new version and reinstalled v0.9.5.3 and all was well. A limited user account could once again start the stats collection.
I have just formatted and rebuilt a laptop with a fresh build of XPsp3 and installed v0.9.8.4 which immediately updated itself to v0.9.8.5. The problem is still there.
Perhaps the problem is that the subsystem that collects the stats requires administrator privileges to start up?
Whilst using v0.9.5.3 is no problem on XP I intend moving to Windows7 in the near future.
Anyone got any ideas?

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