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Standard User Cato2
(member) Tue 22-Nov-11 08:46:07
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tbbmeter fails to auto update

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I was getting the auto-update window on bootup, and accepting the update, but it never updates. Then I completely uninstalled tbbmeter (2 versions + the loader service), and re-installed latest version - however it's still saying I must auto-update.

I'm using it on Win7 x64 Home Premium, latest version of tbbmeter as of yesterday.

Hope there's a solution to this.

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Tue 22-Nov-11 10:20:39
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Re: tbbmeter fails to auto update

[re: Cato2] [link to this post]
Auto update?

There is a pop up message if your installed version is behind the one on the server, so first question which version are you running? i.e. number from About tbbMeter window?

On the hard disk in the tbbmeter folder (program files (x86)\ look for and if the date of this file is recent, then close tbbmeter and rename tbbmeter.exe to tbbmeter.oldversion and then rename to tbbmeter.exe and run it.

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