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Standard User TMCR
(member) Sat 19-May-12 16:17:11
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tbbMeter ate my computer...

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Well, it's a headline. I've not had the tbbMeter installed very long, a week or so. Last night it told me an update was available, so I clicked to download. An error message came up then the computer rebooted.
Each time I got back into Windows I got a message to say the system had recovered from a serious error, then it rebooted again, and again.
I did a system restore and got back to where I was a couple of days go and have checked very carefully for anything I have done in the past day or two. I then looked at the tbbMeter once more, and clicked to update - sorry to say, same result. I can't even write down the error message as it flashes up and then the PC crashes out. Something about the update failing, it's not a Windows error message or BSoD.
I'm on Win XP Pro SP2 with an Intel E2220 dual chip with 2Gb of RAM. Browser is Chrome 19 beta.
I'm just about to change to a new PC so will leave the tbbMeter off for now, just thought I should let someone here know.

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