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Standard User bigluap
(learned) Thu 14-Jun-12 18:40:39
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TBB Meter Causes Blue Screen Crash & Fault in JAVA

[link to this post]
Today when I booted I got a blue screen error. I tried to boot several times, each time the PC crashed when the Meter was displayed on my second screen.

The fourth time I was able to prevent the crash by selecting Exit in the TBB meter popup from the task bar.

This was when Java inform me that a program was causing an error in Java.

In safe mode TBB refused to uninstall, nor would it use the uninstall option in the menu.

I had to manually remove it then clean the registry.

I do have several crash dumps if I knew where to find them.

nb it might say newbie, Been building PCs since 386SX25 late 80's
My network is VM 30 (soon to be 60) VMDG 480 Gigabit router 2 x cat5e cables to work room, one for gigabit to 8 port switch, second N WiFi router in dual channel mode 300 mbit/sec & other devices, the other for 10/100 to 16 port switch (runs at 200mbit according to the spec sheet) Printer etc.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 14-Jun-12 19:00:33
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Re: TBB Meter Causes Blue Screen Crash & Fault in JAVA

[re: bigluap] [link to this post]
tbbMeter app does not use Java, so not sure why the link exists.

The automated testing software you are running, may have an odd interaction with tbbmeter. The tbbmeter.exe and tbbloaderservice.exe processes should happily respond to requests to close the exe via Task Manager, so long as Show Processes from All users is enabled.

You can gracefully degrade the meters functionality, to turn off the packet sniffing, and revert to just monitoring the Network Interface counters, by Disabling TCP/UDP monitoring.

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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