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Standard User pgerrish
(member) Sat 16-Jun-12 16:43:15
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Thinkbroadband Speedtester graphs half speed but tbbMteer fi

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Using the calibrate mode corrects for KAV in general use. Choosing a Menu/Test Tool/20Mb file from tbbMeter display correct DL speed of 6MB both in the graph and the end pop read out. Using the Thinkbroadband Speedtester (both Java and Flash) give the correct speed at the end 6Mbps BUT while doing this tbbMeter graphs 3Mbps.

Also I think that for LAN traffic the graph is also displaying halve (about 37MB) of what the LAN is reading in Networking in Task Manager (75% of 100Mbps connection=75Mbps)


Sheffield UK
Zen 8000 Active + Linksys WAG200G
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 18-Jun-12 09:17:03
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Re: Thinkbroadband Speedtester graphs half speed but tbbMtee

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Looks like KAV is doing its doubling for some traffic, and not others.

Which would mean impossible to correct.

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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