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Standard User ispcrco
(newbie) Sun 23-Sep-12 09:49:29
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tbbMeter Calibration problem.

[link to this post]
Running tbbMeter (although this is true of all previous versions with Calibration).
Software is Windows 7 Pro 32 bit, SP1, all updates applied,
AV is AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012, updated daily
Been running tbbMeter since I joined Plusnet in 02/2011.
Network conection is Plusnet Fibre (FTC connection)..

At every daily startup of this computer, after a few minutes, tbbMeter asks to run a calibration test.
If I accept (or run from the Meu|Test Tools) to run the calibration test, I get the error message: "The calibrated data correction is outside the normal range, ...."
There is also a status message appearing but this disappears too quickly to copy.
Running the test has no impact on the startup message appearing.

Clearing the stats using Menu|Test Tools|reset tbbMeter calibration, made no differance to either the startup request or the error message is a test is attempted.

How can I get a clean startup without the message?
or How can I get the calibration to work without error?



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