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Standard User BarkingMad
(newbie) Fri 05-Jun-15 13:53:59
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Is it possible to export usage per hour per day

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TBB Meter has identified some heavy downloads (approx 1GB) every time I fire the PC up. Through resource monitor on W7, I think it is Symatec End Point Protection. I'd like to dump the usage info per hour per day. Is this possible?

I'm using Enable TCP/UDP Monitoring because I had a BSOD with that dll - and research identified this as a work around.

If TBB doesn't support this would registering the PC help? Also, could I access the usage files directly?


Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Fri 05-Jun-15 14:33:50
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Re: Is it possible to export usage per hour per day

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Registering will give access to 15 minute long data blocks

The dll if running can show which exe is using the connection. Alas firm that wrote that dll is no more and others are available far too expensive for a free version

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