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Standard User zedbra
(member) Sun 06-Feb-11 11:40:22
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DMT Tool - The risks

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I've been experimenting with changing the SNR margin on my Netgear DG834GT router using DMT Tool. I've done it before but gave up trying to force every last bit of speed down my rather slow BT line. I've started having another play with it though, and it's great seeing my sync speed go from 3.7mbps to 5mbps. I'm sure it isn't stable, but I have some questions....

1) In my router stats, it shows the WAN up-time. If that shows that, for example, it's been up for an hour, does that mean the connection was lost an hour ago, or could that just mean it refreshed the IP? How can I tell from my router when I've had a disconnection due to noise?

2) With all the messing about of the SNR margin, is there a risk I'll make my line slow down once the equipment in the exchange sees that my line isn't stable? I have noticed the SNR seem to adjust itself to a higher value (at a comparable time of day) if I leave it at a very low setting, say less than 3db. I've read that BT customers have that problem but I'm with O2 LLU. Is O2's equipment causing my SNR to go back up to where the line is stable?

Thanks for any help.
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