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Standard User wychwoods
(newbie) Sun 13-Mar-11 12:53:27
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Broadband Quality Monitor dropouts every half hour

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Can anyone diagnose the problem on my line from this BQM snapshot?

There are very clear dropouts every half hour. Usually these are not 100% and cause no problem, but sometimes they move to complete dropout and stay there and only rebooting the modem brings the line back on. Rebooting is not a guaranteed fix, but usually works.

The complete drops are able to self-correct: some days, the graphs can show several episodes of complete loss of service during the day or night.

Looking at graphs over the past couple of months, the 30 minute regular dip has been happening more and more often.

I'm on a Pipex 8Mb service (realistically around 3.5Mb) running into an early Solwise SAR715 ADSL modem/4 port router

Any ideas, please? Could it be my modem?

Standard User BatBoy
(legend) Sun 13-Mar-11 14:00:37
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Re: Broadband Quality Monitor dropouts every half hour

[re: wychwoods] [link to this post]
Looks like something beating away on a regular basis causing packet loss spikes and drop outs. Probably RFI. You should monitor your SNR Margin with Routerstats.

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