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Standard User MezzFA0
(newbie) Wed 23-Mar-11 23:14:43
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Last Attempt before BT

[link to this post]
Hi all,

I need to know if theres anything I've missed before I risk BT charging me £160? This is quite long so apologies in advance but its been years of trial and error.

Anyway, heres the nutshell version of the problem. If the phone rings I lose my ADSL sync. If I dial out its 50/50 whether I'll lose the sync or not. Lately though if its peak evening time (5pm - 11pm), my SNR margin will drop to the floor (< 6db) and/or speeds will be low (< 100kbps downstream, usually 400kpbs ish on upstream) or I'll have no net at all.

Here are the things BT have done so far over the past few years:
* Boosted the line (phone calls were whisper quiet when I moved in, this boost at least got my modem to find a signal all those years back, the line is still [censored] though compared to when I lived in the city)
* Ran countless line tests which report no fault.
* Reconnected my line in one of the street cabinets about 1/2 a mile away after an engineer "accidentally" disconnected it for 3 days.

Here are the things I've done:
* Replaced in the region of 20 microfilters over the course of 3 or 4 years (3 of which were the ADSL Nation splitter face plates).
* Replaced two NTE5 BT master sockets
* Changed routers (3 of them mostly the freebies ISPs send you these days)
* Changed ISPs (NTL which worked great --> Virgin which is when it all started dying --> Talk Talk, better than virgin ping wise but same loss of ADSL)
* Replaced all the interior wiring with CAT 5e direct from the BT master socket.
* Checked line voltages with a multimeter (normal)
* Changed the house phones just in case
* Unplugged everything except the router direct to the test socket and left it like that for a few days (yes I do mean I had no land line phone for a few days).

The longest I actually had the service working without problems was about 2 months. That was when I replaced all interior wiring including the BT master socket and microfilters in one go. I bought a pack of 3 microfilters this evening and everytime the phone ringed with either of them, I went offline.

I think theres a line fault that is destroying the master socket however all components look visually ok.

The only other interesting thing I noticed was that the filters seem to degrade over time. For example, when I first plug them in, I can sync at nearly 1mb down, 0.5mb ish up. Within a few weeks of constantly swapping around filters (I have 6ish on a loop) they will fall to .5mb down and never return to the 1mb speeds. Then I can buy some new filters and have a brief few hours/days at 1mb.

Also with a fairly new DLink router (supplied by Talk Talk) on brand new filters the SNR margin will start at around 9db and gradually decline to <5 within 15minutes to 2 hours (at which point the net stops working). If I leave it, it keeps gradually going all the way to 2db (takes a lot longer to do this).

With my old "reliable" Linksys router I usually start around 8db and dip down to 4db before going back up (kind of yoyos around). Usually the net is usable even at the low end.

Here are my current modem stats (changed the filter 20minutes ago and am back onto the old Linksys router):

DSL Modulation Mode: MultiMode
DSL Path Mode: Interleaved <-- this is occasionally listed as Fast but its rare
Downstream Rate: 962 kbps <-- usually less than 500kbps
Upstream Rate: 495 kbps <-- usually 300 - 400kbps
Downstream Margin: 9 db <-- hovers from 6 - 9 on a good day
Upstream Margin: 9 db <-- sometimes goes up to 12
Downstream Line Attenuation: 63 db
Upstream Line Attenuation: 19.5 db
Downstream Transmit Power: 12 db
Upstream Transmit Power: 14 db

As you can see from the attenuation I live pretty much at the very end of an exchange. Unfortunately theres not much I can do about that short of convincing BT to let me wire my own Fibre to the home (not going to happen).

Would anyone suggest I replace the master socket again before I call BT? I am convinced they'll just turn up and blame the master socket and charge me for it.

Sorry again for the length of the post, any insight and/or the address of a BT engineer in the Midlands along with kidnapping plans would be appreciated.
Standard User john2007
(legend) Thu 24-Mar-11 12:54:43
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Re: Last Attempt before BT

[re: MezzFA0] [link to this post]
Could you post your stats when plugged in to the test socket? Do they differ markedly from your normal stats? If they do you may have an internal wiring problem.

With your ADSL modem/router switched off and disconnected can you hear noise with the BT quiet line test (dial 17070 option 2)?
Standard User MezzFA0
(newbie) Thu 24-Mar-11 21:14:18
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Re: Last Attempt before BT

[re: john2007] [link to this post]
The stats above were direct from the test socket with no phones plugged in. Theres no difference when plugged in normally.

Quiet line test is pretty quiet apart from the BT woman saying quiet line test every now and then.

After less than 24 hours with my filter plugged direct to the test socket and no other device except the modem plugged into that I came home from work and found my downstream had dropped to 28kbps (yes I really mean 28, not 280).

After a modem reboot and some filter swapping:

DSL Modulation Mode: MultiMode
DSL Path Mode: Interleaved
Downstream Rate: 403 kbps
Upstream Rate: 379 kbps
Downstream Margin: 6 db
Upstream Margin: 9 db
Downstream Line Attenuation: 63 db
Upstream Line Attenuation: 19.5 db
Downstream Transmit Power: 12 db
Upstream Transmit Power: 14 db

The past week has been particularly rubbish, it will drop off the net every hour ish then resync at something less than 100kbps until I swap the filter again.

Edited by MezzFA0 (Thu 24-Mar-11 21:25:00)

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