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Standard User Deft
(committed) Tue 11-Oct-11 10:38:24
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Subjective quickness of webpage serving.....

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Over the years I have used various ISPs; Pipex, Bulldog, Zen and now Sky.
Fairly subjectively (mostly using wireless, Speedtouch 585 and now the Sky Netgear black box) I always felt that general snappiness of loading webpages felt fastest on Zen. I am now on Sky and have been for a few months and things aren't quite as quick for browsing the web but have been o.k. My connection has always synced pretty nicely on all suppliers (17-18mbit down, 0.7-1mbit up) and constant throughput from speedtests etc. show this is all working well.

Is there a way to improve the loading speed over wireless. The lag isn't massive but unless I am going mad it does feel a bit different. Also, hooking up direct to the router via ethernet seems to make things feel better. I'm using IE9 so might give Chrome a try, although I thought IE9 had made some improvements to rendering and loading times.

I think I may go 200mbit homeplug to avoid using wireless on my main PC but just wondered if anyone had any obvious thoughts or tweaks before I do (I have switched DNS servers to Google but not sure that did much). Or I could go back to Zen. Is there an objective way to measure it? I get pings of around 25ms on Sky. Seems to be a lot of factors but I can definitely feel a difference of wired vs wireless (though I didn't notice much distinction when using Zen).
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