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Standard User shelluk
(newbie) Mon 21-Nov-11 14:13:24
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1 CAT5 cable, 2 pairs used for 2 telephone lines, 2 ADSL..

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Hi everyone

This is related to my other post with 3dB margins/noise issues on 2 lines but as this is a specific question I thought it was more suitable to a new post. Apologies if not.

Does any one think the following could cause issues?

[ BT junction box for whole building of offices (no one else having issues, I've asked around) ] --> single CAT5 cable --> [ BT wall box with 2 telephone sockets in our office ] --> [ Micro filter in each socket ] --> [ router in to each filter ]

Down this single CAT5 cable (all done by BT - I questioned it when they did it) they have wired 2 phones lines, each running their own ADSL service.

Could this cause interference issues for the ADSL connections? Yes the pair for each line (the other 2 unused) are twisted but there's no shielding between them, so could they could 'leak' in to each other and cause noise/interference issues that we are seeing?

Standard User MHC
(legend) Mon 21-Nov-11 14:20:53
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Re: 1 CAT5 cable, 2 pairs used for 2 telephone lines, 2 ADSL

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Yes there will be cross talk but the amount will be minimal. Provided they have used the twisted pairs and not one from each it will not be an issue and extremely unlikely that it is the cause of your problems.

A BT drop wire has two pairs - that will support two ADSL/VDSL circuits without problems. At the pole they will join others in a 25 pair cable of which several will be running ADSLVDSL and then at the cabinet, 100 or 200 pair cables with large numbers of ADSL/VDSL run back to the exchange.



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