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Standard User edinburgh2011
(newbie) Sat 14-Jan-12 00:20:21
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Hello All

First, thanks for the forum - there's so much good and interesting information on here!

Second, I was wondering if someone would clarify something for me please. I'm about 400m from the exchange (Dalkeith) and over the past months we've had a problem with disconnections. My router is a TP-Llink 8960, which is much better at holding the connection than any previous one, though I have to use 'wrong' settings, i.e. PPPoE and LLC instead of PPPoA and VC-Mux, to remain synched with the ISP servers, i.e. to avoid the authentication dropping.

My router stats shows SNR margins follows:

Downstream Upstream
Line Coding(Trellis): On On
SNR Margin (0.1 dB): 59 96
Attenuation (0.1 dB): 120 41
Output Power (0.1 dBm): 0 115
Attainable Rate (Kbps): 23964 888

However, this evening the SNR Margin went down to 23 or something like that, following an authentication drop, and there appeared a lot of errors, especially RS uncorrectable errors; also the connection became very slow.

I've looked through a lot of websites and some of them say SNR margin around 6db is good, others say it's bad, unless they talk about some kind of target profiles. When a BT guy came out, he said the 6db was good. I'm confused *big time*!

Could someone clarify if disconnections could be because of the SNR margin I have? Should I have a higher SNR because I'm closer to the exchange? There's an audible hiss on the telephone, but I've read somewhere that it could be because of the wireless router.

I'm sorry if I'm asking something obvious, but I'm *really* confused.

Thank you for your time.
Standard User XRaySpeX
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Sat 14-Jan-12 01:35:10
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Re: Question

[re: edinburgh2011] [link to this post]
I may be stating the obvious but you do realise that your NM is 6 dB as your router shows it in tenths? The usual NM is 6 as most good lines will hold a fair stable speed with it. Many lines can even run faster on a NM of 3 and still be stable. NM is not dependent on line length;only attenuation is.

Your wireless should not affect any corded phone. Spose it could interfere with cordless.

With router disconnected, Try BT Quiet Line Test on 17070 opt 2 with corded phone and report any noise to phone provider; do not mention BB.

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