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Standard User IT_Help
(newbie) Wed 15-Feb-12 20:49:00
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Good Evening.

I am a local IT support guy, and one of my clients approached me asking for some help.

My clients broadband has been ‘slammed’ by another provider, no one at the organisation has said to any other provider that they want broadband from anyone else, and in late November 2011 they lost their broadband to a LLU provider, no MAC code was needed due to the LLU provider taking the broadband, and the old ISP could not do anything about this because of the new ISP being an LLU, luckily the phone line is still working, and that has not been taken away too.

There are only two LLU providers at the exchange (according to Kitz) Sky & TalkTalk. I called TalkTalk and the person I spoke to was very helpful and she asked someone else to look at their 'system' and they said Sky was providing broadband. So I then called Sky (twice after being cut off first time) and staff giving helpful service must not be one of their strong points, but according to them the phone number of the line is not in their system as being a line they provide on.

This evening I have been out the premises and there is broadband being provided on the line as their router says connected at 5017k down and 796k up, and various figures for attenuation and noise, but obviously not having the adsl username or password there is no connected ip address to see who is providing the service.

So apart from Ofcom, what is there I can do to attempt to resolve this issue?

Thanks in anticipation.
Standard User Deadbeat
(knowledge is power) Wed 15-Feb-12 21:08:05
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Re: Slamming.

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 15-Feb-12 21:12:11
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Closed as cross post

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