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Standard User paulb100
(regular) Sat 21-Apr-12 01:46:24
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help with errors (and possibly fault)

[link to this post]
I wondered if anyone could tell me if my error count is high and can tell me how to read these myself? ( i know its CRC and RS but how do I know if its high?)

(see below stats for story of whats been going on with fault)

Counters Down Up

SF: 800680 804583
SFErr(CRCErr): 195 5817
RS: 104088412 104293
RSCorr: 39048 3028880
RSUnCorr: 5445 0

HEC: 196 46277
OCD: 0 0
LCD: 0 0
Total Cells: 328948848 1559688424
Data Cells: 832725 17427014
Drop Cells: 0
Bit Errors: 0 3149643

ES: 111 92503
SES: 6 36829
UAS: 98 0
AS(Uptime): 12873

INP: 1.05 1.21
PER: 16.07 16.46
delay: 7.91 7.92
OR: 32.34 9.23

Bitswap: 3373 2
Total uptime: 41349

Total time = 11hours 31min 46sec
SF = 2559598 CRC = 494
LOS = 0 LOF = 0 ES = 111

Latest 1 day time = 11hours 31min 46sec
SF = 2559598 CRC = 494
LOS = 0 LOF = 0 ES = 111

Previous 1 day time = 0sec
SF = 0 CRC = 0
LOS = 0 LOF = 0 ES = 0

So... i have been with SKY 6 weeks, getting a healthy 18Mb on my 25db line...(same with o2 for 2 years before) - my broadband was ported directly onto their SVBN MSAN at day 1 but phone was routed to WLR3 for 6 weeks...the day came for switch over, I was online when it happened and when came back on my sync was lower, contact rep who said something was causing errors on the line...few hours later the phone started to ring and we could hear lots of noise on the line and people talking, when we hung up the broadband dropped - I reported it and next day engineer was booked, he did not come here but phone went off completely and broadband dropped to 3Mb - after 4 days of back N forth with SKY they arranged another engineer who said fault was at end of road but he couldnt fix it, next day a duct engineer came and said there was no fault but put me onto a different pair within the cable - problems persisted so 2 days later (today) another engineer comes (no.4) and he says fault is between Junction box on my wall outside and one 6 doors down - so he swaps the pair to a spare one in same cable and he fixes the fault - so now only the cable for about 70meters into a duct at end of street has been changed to a different pair (in same cable as old pair)...from duct out to exchange its same cable........ the phone is spot on but my broadband is only syncing at 11Mb and iam on a 20Mb profile set by sky before the problems started - because of this i have been told the speed should have went straight back up to 17-18Mb because DLM is turned off and Iam on a manual configuration (i get 1150k up and Output Power is 19.2dBm - indicative of still being on 20Mb, and rep told me I was few days back)

now, the upstream Line Attenuation seems to fluctuate between 10-16db (downstream is now 26.5db) - I may be wrong but I think my upload error rate is high (hence request for help on errors) - I use my Netgear GT so I can gather stats - I plugged in sagemcom 2504N and the upstream line attenuation was 13db (about right) noise margin was 98db.??? dropped and re-sync'd with 7db noise margin but line attenuation was 10db..?? - this shouldnt be happening surely? the router was ok for a short while but then i put the GT back in for stat gathering and looking at SNR graphs on DMT Tool.

Now, like I said this all happened just hours after the switch - how could that create a fault in my line up this end? cant be coincidence? now originally they said it was a crossed wire at the exchange.. that was when the first engineer went out to fix it and phone went completely off and broadband was only 3Mb - he had in his notes needed access to complete the job - so anyway, the phone appears to be sorted and Iam concerned that after all the stress and chasing sky for 10 days that their promises of getting it put right are all gunna disappear because now the phone is working and I have SOME broadband...regardless of it being almost HALVED in download speed and having upstream attenuation and error problems.

here are some comparison shots of DMT Tool when i was with BT/o2 getting 18Mb too and shots of DMT tool right now


I see there are some RFI spikes present in both graphs..regardless of these I still acheived 18Mb - Iam gunna do some tests tomorrow (or today even..its 2am lol) by turning all power off at mains, cooker, boiler, alarm and see if that improves those spikes at least...

but whats weakening the signal? - it must be something at the exchange I think

any input would be great


if anyone can help me with this it would be great?

Tech & Broadband Chat
Standard User john2007
(legend) Sat 21-Apr-12 08:25:11
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Re: help with errors (and possibly fault)

[re: paulb100] [link to this post]
It does sound like a fault has been introduced.

Could you use RouterStats to graph your attenuation fluctuations. A pattern may emerge.
Standard User paulb100
(regular) Sun 22-Apr-12 15:26:31
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Re: help with errors (and possibly fault)

[re: john2007] [link to this post]

Iam struggling to see how to set it to plot Line Attenuation?

its only between re-syncs it does it, it doesnt seem to fluctuate while connected, I have screenshots of it from 8db up to 16db... I think 13db is about right for a 26.5db downstream isnt it? I thought its supposed to be about half of the downstream one?

however it should be static

thanks for your help

Tech & Broadband Chat

Edited by paulb100 (Sun 22-Apr-12 17:23:00)

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