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Standard User willsweet2
(regular) Sat 05-May-12 16:55:17
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Which way to wire my Home Hub and Sky box

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We have 1 socket in our house, which is the BT master socket with the line through the middle.

Currently plugged into it is an ADSL filter that came with my Home Hub 3. The Home Hub itself is plugged into the filter along with our BT Cordless Phone base.

We want to use some extra features of our Sky+HD box and in doing so must plug it into the telephone line.

I'd like to know the way I can wire this, affecting my ADSL connection the least.

Should I plug a two-way splitter into the master socket, then both ADSL filters that came with my Home Hub into that, phone and Hub into one and Sky box into another. Or, should I plug the splitter into the telephone socket of the ADSL filter and have my Home Hub, phone base and Sky box into the one filter.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 05-May-12 16:58:42
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Re: Which way to wire my Home Hub and Sky box

[re: willsweet2] [link to this post]
Are you talking about Sky Anytime+ or just connecting the telephone line on the back of the box?
Two very different questions, and needs confirming.

The telephone line on a sky box is just like another other telephone, needs plugging into the phone socket on a microfilter. So splitter into telephone socket of the ADSL filter, and phone and sky box into that.

If you are talking about Anytime+ downloads then you need an ethernet cable to the Sky+ box.

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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