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Standard User ferret141
(newbie) Thu 17-May-12 23:56:52
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Indentifying the cause of sync drop

[link to this post]
Hi there people. I believe there's a fault on my line somewhere and I would like the help of your experienced minds to try and find it.

Here's a snippet of what's happened before in January. Recent updates are below the quote.

In reply to a post by ferret141:
Hello there, I'll keep my introduction brief. I go by ferret141 (although someone has taken it on Twitter and Youtube mad) . I'm technically minded so feel free to be as technical as you want with me. I usually work with computer hardware but networks aren't unfamiliar to me. That' me, I would appreciate some help in the matter and hope to return the favour. Here goes:

I am subscriber of BE*s Unlimited package for perhaps 5yrs. Never a problem; synced at 17~18Mbps, Very happy. Until the last two years. Where this eventually dropped to 16 then 15. With intermitent instability. This eventually became worse and in the last 3 months has become terrible.

My connection would drop several times during the day. Sometimes going through extended periods of resyncing. Last night alone I sat through an hour of the router trying to re-sync. I wouldn't be surprised if it continued on through the night. I've called BE who've gone through their protocol which did help for a short amount time:
-their usual tests
-quiet line test through test socket
-ran router on test socket for a couple of days
-change filters
-change ADSL cable

Things I've done to try and help:
#Before I had problems#
-Eliminated all additional extensions and wiring
-Part of that was unwiring the extensions from the back of the master socket's A & B terminals (Yes I know I'm not meant to touch them but this was done when I didn't have problems [few years back] and was generally trying to optimise my line. Plus how hard is it to remove and replace wires on the back of the faceplate without messing up. The BT engineer who eventually came didn't make any comment about my handywork).
#During problems#
-Began using a faceplate filter similar to the one on ADSLnation. I wouldn't be surprised if it came out of the same factory in China/Taiwan.
-Relocated router onto the wall beside master socket

One day my phone died with the router plugged in. Take router out, phone works. Tried several filters, same. BE sent me a new router, TG582n, and I sent back my 'faulty' TG585v7. Stabalised it but soon was dropping sync too.

Contacted BE again regarding this they then sent a BT engineer who couldn't find a problem. So he switched me onto another pair just incase and updated my NTE5 socket to a new Openreach one. Still had problems. contacted BE who thenput me 24hr monitoring, week long monitoring and testing with which they setteled on a 12dB SNR downstream. Helped, but that was also short lived.

I started to do some research and came across the "high resistance fault" which in my eyes seems to be very similar to what's going on with me. More so because some of the periods of re-syncing coincide with the weather. But before I started screaming [censored] Mary I figuered it would best if I asked around and tapped into some experienced minds.

P.S. I do apologise if this seems a little incoherent. I just woke up =/

That happened back in Janaury and the summaryof that thread is:
-The Openreach engineer came. Fixed for 2-3 days.
-Dropouts began again.
-Called BE. Asked them to look into the CIDT, they didn't know what that was.
-They had Openreach investigate the exchange and replace some equipment there.
-This created another problem
--Router was synced and operating correctly but the computers on my home network weren't able to access the internet every 6 mins for 30secs-1min.
--Called BE. Turned out when the equipment was replaced an incorrect configuration had been implemented.
-Things seemed ok.

Not long after the daily drops of sync started again. Called BE. They ran they're tests, saw a fault and sent out Openreach. Due to the history of problems the engineer inspected the whole line from my house to the telegraph pole and to the cabinet. He spent an evening and a morning working it. Also replaced the month old openreach NTE5 just to be sure and gave me a filtered faceplate like that used with VDSL. However he couldn't find any problems himself.

Things were ok for a bit but started once again. Called BE who followed their protocol and stuck me on 12dB SNR. I still had sync drops so they put me onto 15dB. I still managed to drop sync but at this point it wasn't as often, I was fed up and I didn't have the time to deal with it because projects and assignments for university had begun approaching their deadlines.

When my exams finished at the beginning of the month I had some routing issues so I was switched to a dynamic IP. This week I asked to be switched back to a static IP and reconfiured my tbb quality/ping monitor. The next morning I looked at the monitor and noticed a drop at 6AM and 8 AM. Called BE* who also saw it on their system. Put my line under 24hr monitoring. They couldn't find a fault so decided to drop me back down to 12dB SNR. That was yesterday.

For those of you who have managed to read all the way here your time and patience is greatly appreciated.

I hope that you guys can help me isolate the cause of these disconnections.

P.S. Some addiional info:
I have a Techinicolor (formelely Speedtouch/Thomson) TG582n. a Netgear DG834Gv4, DG834N (suffers from overheating, plan to mod) and just acquired on Tuesday a Billion BiPAC 7800N.
The DG834Gv4 will probably be the easiest to setup with MRTG/DMT Tool/Routerstats.
I have a filtered faceplate like that sold by ADSLNation. Plus a collection of microfilters.
I am expecting a 50cm S/FTP RJ11 cable.
My line attenuation is 27~28dB downstream. I am 400m from the cabinet by road (160m as the crow flies). The cabinet is 1.2km from the exchange by road (800m as the crow flies).
Live tbb quality/ping monitor<<

On a side note here's a snapshot of before and after the 7800N was installed. There seems to be a high amount of latency spikes with the 7800N
Standard User qasdfdsaq
(member) Fri 18-May-12 05:38:23
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Re: Indentifying the cause of sync drop

[re: ferret141] [link to this post]
The latency spikes are caused by you using the connection. Perfectly normal.
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