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Standard User Icm76
(learned) Thu 26-Jul-12 22:48:06
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disconnects every few minutes: faulty DG834GT or line fault?

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I think my modem, a (Sky branded) Netgear DG834GT might've died in this heatwave, but I'm not sure if there could be some other line problem?

It's a bit weird, the WAN connection is disconnecting every few minutes and then quickly reconnecting, but if the router status is to be believed there is no automatic adjustment being made by the exchange to increase the noise margin on the line.

With frequent disconnections I don't really get why the noise margin hasn't increased dramatically - I live in area with very frequent power cuts and usually we get screwed immediately after a power cut as we have to put up with increased margin for a long while until things settle down again.

Could anything else be causing this pattern of disconnections every few minutes, or am I right to suspect a faulty or overheating router modem?
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