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Standard User jaba
(learned) Sun 28-Oct-12 09:59:43
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IP Profile oddities

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I am on this exchange : SMBWY
A couple of evenings ago my snr went too low and the modem resynced from 4544 to around 3800. I resynced the next day and am now back at 4512 and 8.8db.

Since then my download speeds have dropped to a consistent 2900. This number puzzles me as I usually get a test result which is about 8% below the ip profile, i.e. 3700 when the ipp is 4Mbps.
But what ip profile does 2900 relate to ? According to the tables it can only be 3 or 3.5Mbps. But 2900 relates to neither of them +/- 8%

Running the BT speedtester shows that the the ip profile is 3Mbps and download is 2.99 !!

Something is wrong or BT have dropped something from their wretched DLM.
I know I will have to wait 4 days for the profile to go up again but will I am curious to know if I will still get 99.999% of the revised profile.
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