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Standard User dw_drummeruk
(newbie) Wed 05-Dec-12 13:50:52
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Sky Fibre Routing Issues with Sonos, Onkyo, and Swann CCTV

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Hi Guys,

I've got issues on my network and i was hoping someone could help me out

I have Sky Fibre

This comes into the house via a BT open reach box then is connected to my Sky Sagecom F@ST2504n Router Modem via ethernet.

On the Sky Router i have plugged in:

PORT 1: BT open reach box

PORT 2: Apple airport express creating a separate network in another part of the house (its in bridge mode and therefore leaveing all routing up to the the sky router)

PORT 3: 24 port netgear non-management switch which connects everything in the home cinema (ps3, CCTV, onkyo amp, tv, sonos etc.)

PORT 4: Sky HD Box

I have the following issues plaguing me and no amount tinkering seems to sort it out, i'm pretty sure they are all connected and the sky router is causing the issue by not allowing things to connect to each other properly:

My Sonos is a wired system with only one bridge and one play 5 speaker. regardless of the device i use to connect to the sonos system it will find and connect & play fine. Then after ~5 mins the sonos will cut out and the following next ~10 mins it wont find the system or play anything. Any ideas?

Onkyo Amp
My Onkyo amp connects to the network fine and has an IP address assigned to it. The issue comes when trying to use the iPad app to control it. When connected to the sky wireless network it wont find the amp. When connected to the Apple airport wireless it will find it for a short while, and similar to the sonos system after 5 mins will suddenly fall over for no apparent reason and then you wont be able to connect again.

Swann CCTV Recorder
Slightly different issue; This has the feature for me to be able to view it over the network internally and externally. I know the ip address of the box and the theory is you just go to this address in your browser and it will come up with a webviewer and you login. However on my wireless or wired network it just wont work, it wont even find the ip address. I know the CCTV box is connected to the internet as, and i know the router is happily giving it an IP and all of the ports required to access the box are open on my network?

I'm sure there is a very simple setting i am missing? If not do i have a dead router?

Please let me know your thoughts

Many thanks

Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Wed 05-Dec-12 23:51:51
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Re: Sky Fibre Routing Issues with Sonos, Onkyo, and Swann CC

[re: dw_drummeruk] [link to this post]
On the swann if its the external IP that is not working when on the LAN then no surprise, just means the router does not support loop back.

If using the external IP outside your home, e.g. friends connection and not able to see the Swann, the question is whether you have configured port forwarding.

As for other devices, does setting static lan ip's on the devices help?

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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