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Standard User Baadgers
(newbie) Wed 04-Sep-13 21:15:19
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Internet keeps disconnecting

[link to this post]
Hopefully this is the right section.

Internet for past 3-4 days keeps disconnecting. This can be from every 5 minutes to every 2-3 hours. It's both WiFi and devices through Ethernet.

My ISP (EE) have suggested the following: plugging router into main socket, change settings through migration wizard in router settings (neither worked) and now they think it's the filter, and they're sending a new one(I'm pessimistic about this fixing the problem)

It's disconnected 5 times in the past 90 minutes now, hoping I can find a fix here.

ADSL Status

Configured Current
Line Status --- SHOWTIME
Link Type --- Interleaved Path
Operation Mode Automatic G992.1(G.DMT)
Data Rate Information
Stream Type Actual Data Rate
Upstream 448 (Kbps.)
Downstream 4288 (Kbps.)
Defect/Failure Indication
Operation Data Upstream Downstream
Noise Margin 22.0 dB 6.2 dB
Line Attenuation 30.0 dB 48.5 dB
Indicator Name Near End Indicator Far End Indicator
Output Power 11.9 dBm 19.6 dBm
Fast Path FEC Correction NA NA
Interleaved Path FEC Correction 344319 41
Fast Path CRC Error NA NA
Interleaved Path CRC Error 4172 39
Loss of Signal Defect 0 0
Fast Path HEC Error STR NA NA
Interleaved Path HEC Error 56699 49
Error Seconds 101 0
Received Cells 6742367
Transmitted Cells 350118

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Standard User mattewan
(regular) Sat 28-Sep-13 15:22:40
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Re: Internet keeps disconnecting

[re: Baadgers] [link to this post]
Have you tried a quiet line test?

Dial 17070 and choose option 2.

See if you can hear any noise on the line. If you can, see if the noise goes when you turn off the modem/router.

If you have noise on the line without the router connected, then you should be able to report it as a voice fault and have an engineer out to look at the line.

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