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Standard User babis3g
(regular) Sat 15-Mar-14 04:26:14
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adsl nation phone socket faulty?

[link to this post]
Hi ... i have moved down to Greece few months


i have broadcom modem (current dgn2200v3)n which matches perfectly for months the local broadcom dslam ... i have even tweaked in the past with out major problem still working good

Took with me an adsl nation with face plate XTE2005 which i installed down here & was working fine for good 9 months till now

the last 4-5 days i got disconnections with anything from 2-30 minutes so i am talking about maybe 30 disconnections a day/night
However profile did not dropped because there is not dlm here

the strange thing is if i lock the modem with G.DMT is stable/no disconnection for 1 & half day i tested but of course is synchronize only with 8mbps out of the 13 can give the adsl2plus

my point and why i am posting back in the UK forums

because is paint to take out the cables to connect them back into a plain socket and just add a normal filter to see if is better ... do you think guys the adsl faceplate is damaged??
the only help with this socket is from you guys that you have experience because down here no one really using it
By the way about a week ago or near the days of starting disconnections was a hurricane lighting near by

here my stats so many errors in just 2 min then the connection went done again

Download Upload
Data Rate: 13,215 Mbs 1,023 Mbs
Attainable Rate: 14,852 Mbs 1,143 Mbs

SNR: 9,3 dB 12,5 dB
Noise: 36,4 dB 19,9 dB
Line Attenuation: 32,0 dB 6,4 dB
Power: 19,8 dBm 12,1 dBm

MSGc (overhead channel message bytes): 51 bytes 11 bytes
B (mux data frame bytes): 235 bytes 31 bytes
M (mux data frames in FEC data frame): 1 frames 1 frames
T (mux data frames over sync bytes): 2 frames 4 frames
R (FEC data frame check bytes): 0 bytes 0 bytes
S (FEC/PMD data frame length): 0,5702 0,9922
L (PMD data frame bits): 3311 bits 258 bits
D (interleaver depth): 1 bits 1 bits

Super Frames: 9260 8953
Super Frames Errors: 0 0
Reed Salomon: 0 608741
RS Correctable Errors: 0 0
RS UnCorrectable Errors: 0 0

Header Error Check: 1630 0
Out of Cell Delineation: 14 0
Lost Cell Delineation: 14 0
Total Cells: 4689247 354235
Data Cells: 1072 402
Drop Cells: 0 -
Bit Errors: 0 0

Errored Seconds: 564 8
Severely Errored Seconds: 330 8
UnAvailable Seconds: 229 229
Available Seconds: 152 -

INP: 0,0 0,0
INPRein: 0,0 0,0
Delay: 0 0
PER: 162,5 168,6
OR: 28,5 8,6


Showtime Total
Local Remote Local Remote
Forward Error Correction: 0 0 0 0
Cyclic Redundancy Check: 245 0 12866 0
Errored Seconds: 20 0 564 8
Severely Errored Seconds: 7 0 330 8
UnAvailable Seconds: 0 0 229 229
Loss Of Signal: 0 0 13 8
Loss Of Frame: 0 0 112 8
Loss Of Margin: 0 0 0 0

the loss of signal (8 times) is it from my local dslam? or do you think is the faceplate?
Forgot to say i have change an other 3 broadcom (billion 7700,7800,dgn2200) and a draytek 2760 (Lantiq)all the same every 30sec to half hour disconnections

thanks for your time

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Standard User babis3g
(regular) Sat 15-Mar-14 06:24:00
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Re: adsl nation phone socket faulty?

[re: babis3g] [link to this post]
related to adsl faceplate?
Had a fault with the actual test socket box 2 yrs ago that caused 100+ resyncs per day, 2wks after BTOR replaced it and went back to normal, O2 put me on ADSL1 to stabilise!!!!!

modem also reports always "retrain reason 1"

Standard User Ianph
(committed) Sat 15-Mar-14 07:28:52
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Re: adsl nation phone socket faulty?

[re: babis3g] [link to this post]
how long has the connection been up? the error seconds are quite high

looks like a line fault somewhere between u and wherever your line meets the isp's equipment

EE unlimited Fibre 76

72meg sync
EE Brightbox 2 (Ethernet Mode) + Openeach ECI Modem

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 15-Mar-14 07:36:27
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Re: adsl nation phone socket faulty?

[re: Ianph] [link to this post]
Lightning strike affected something. Only way to tell if faceplate is remove and test for a period without it

If still bad then report line fault

Lightning will usually kill adsl modem before hurting filters and faceplate

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
The author of the above post is a thinkbroadband staff member. It may not constitute an official statement on behalf of thinkbroadband.
Standard User babis3g
(regular) Sat 15-Mar-14 07:59:32
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Re: adsl nation phone socket faulty?

[re: Ianph] [link to this post]
2 min & 31 sec
the loss of signal have found info here
but is not clear if is my end
Thanks for reply

Standard User babis3g
(regular) Sat 15-Mar-14 08:09:55
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Re: adsl nation phone socket faulty?

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Looks like i will have to remove this lovely faceplate & put back a plain socket which takes normal filters
(photo is not mine but the same)
... will do this soon, have no choice
Is pain because all the equipment has the British sockets/plugs ... shielded cables from tandys with the British connectors ... phones corded/cordless are from argos so they have different plugs than here which still use rj11 even for phones

The modem is fine seems no damage and also the others still same issue
Thanks for your time,
... oh dear this will make spend my day on it... will report back later

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Standard User babis3g
(regular) Sat 15-Mar-14 11:40:53
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Re: adsl nation phone socket faulty?

[re: babis3g] [link to this post]

pop up to the local store and got an expensive belkin filter/splitter & changed the all the socket
Again within 2 min disconnections started (at least is not faulty the lovely adsl nation face plate)
Called for fault and they have change immediately my profile from fastpath 9 db (snr could be tweaked) to interleaved 192 down /32 up and locked the snr to 10db
I also can see INP in use & never before

so far is been an hour no disconnection, it looks good at the moment ... will see tonight when will be peak time and tomorrow which are busy times for internet

DSLAM/MSAN type: BDCM:0xa188 / v0xa188
DSL mode: ADSL2+
Status: Showtime
Uptime: 52 min 37 sec

Downstream Upstream
Attenuation (dB): 32.5 20.5
Connection speed (kbps): 12030 1017
SNR margin (dB): 10.1 11.0
Power (dBm): 19.8 12.1
Interleave depth: 192 32
INP: 2.50 3.00

RSCorr/RS (%): 2.7754 0.9896
RSUnCorr/RS (%): 0.0002 0.0000
ES/hour: 0 0

Thanks all for help, will put back later the adsl nation socket but i have a question when the local support comes back to me

For 9 months not a problem with fastpath profile
Why now so many disconnections with it?
Too many customers causing crosstalk or
maybe they have move me to lower card/port in the dslam or
could be a faulty filter at their end because when locked manually with G.DMT & adsl2 (not plus) not a problem with fastpath

Thank You

at TBB could see higher yellow latency at peak time the last few months

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Standard User babis3g
(regular) Tue 18-Mar-14 09:42:34
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Re: adsl nation phone socket faulty?

[re: babis3g] [link to this post]

Still using a belkin filter at the moment, they have changed my profile to interleaved & they have locked at the mo ... still disconnections but less

Looking by my self (until the technician arrives - finger crossed soon) the phone cable up the street i can see the one coming to my house, 2 different electric cables are touching it because the electric pole has bend over the years with the winds

Of course are monotonic materials between them but still touching each other, none of the cables are sealed are there over 20 years (including the phone line)

Of course i have reported and waiting what will say but once i use G.DMT (seems frequency issue) and there is not any disconnections

Also at DSLStats i can see always permanent broken tones around 350

It seems when they are using electric kitchen or air condition etc is causing the issue?
Any opinion on this Please?
Usually the problem is more often the evenings

Edited by babis3g (Tue 18-Mar-14 09:44:55)

Standard User babis3g
(regular) Thu 20-Mar-14 14:24:42
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Re: adsl nation phone socket faulty?

[re: babis3g] [link to this post]

once i posted here ... just to update, 3 days after reporting fault they did fix my issue of 50 plus disconnections a day
2 times of 30 minutes each work at 6:30 am at the dslam/exchange was enough for them to fix what ever problem was,( the phone support told me something to do with swapping cards/ports)

Very fast guys down here.

as for the issue with the cable touching the 2 electric lines they will come to remove it at another location.don't know when yet but there is no any disconnections

British phone equipment In Greece smile

Thats it and Thanks all for your time about me
My best wishes!!! bye for now smile

Edited by babis3g (Thu 20-Mar-14 14:31:22)

Standard User babis3g
(regular) Fri 21-Mar-14 21:53:47
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Re: adsl nation phone socket faulty?

[re: babis3g] [link to this post]
here i am again ... disconnections started again but when there is not filter is fine

when i connect back the adsl nation plate, then take it out and connect a splitter filter belkin then tried another 2 cheap ones i am having disconnections with all of them... when there is not any filter there is not any disconnection ... why is that?

Also at DSLStats tool i can see the upstream is falling (seems this causing the issue) but when there is not any filter still falling but less

i have an extension for the phone 10 meters thats it
however the same extension was fine so long time

The isp is telling me is my end

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