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Standard User pat100
(newbie) Mon 19-May-14 02:38:57
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Large Downloads From GoDaddy Servers are Interrupted

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What I can't do: Any download above approx 40MB from my webspace on Godaddy servers is interrupted before it completes. Using IE or Firefox. It fails when using the same router with either a wired ethernet connection on a Win 8.1 (Update) computer or wirelessly on another computer using Win XP SP3

What CAN be done:
People at other locations can complete the downloads. I can complete the download if I use FTP. I can download huge files (e.g. 2GB) from other companies' servers (e.g. thinkbroadband smile )

Other pertinent info: A 50MB file might be interrupted at 18, 22, 36MB. I can't discern a pattern. The time varies. The larger the file, the sooner it seems to be interrupted. In IE, I get offered a chance to resume. The download resumes but then is interrupted a second time and stops before it completes. I have cleared the caches in both browsers and by using the Ccleaner utility.

General Info: My OS is Windows 8.1 (Update) I am on Sky UK unlimited broadband. I can usually only download at 3.5Mbps as I am distant from the exchange. My router is plugged in to the only BT telecom box which is old style. This is the only (obvious!) fault on my system which has been working with various ISPs and OSes for 12 years. I only noticed this problem recently but I have not uploaded such large files before. (Partly, because it takes ages on my slow broadband connection!)

Example files that fail for me on GoDaddy servers are:
The .bmp does not display in IE. In Firefox, it always finishes prematurely and displays cropped with a black bar at the top.

I am wildly guessing that this is to do with the handshaking between Godaddy servers and my computer. One of them not sending the correct filesize description or not sending an end of file notification. I don't understand much of that smile
Thanks for reading this, Pat.
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