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Standard User ggl17
(newbie) Tue 03-Jun-14 13:45:35
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Multiple public IP's

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We've got the choice with our ISP of getting 1 or 8 public IP's with our FTTC service.

The main use of it is just general internet access but I also wanted to run a couple of servers on the connection (mail server and and ip camera server)

I'm going to use a Juniper SRX as our router. Does anyone know if it's possible that I could use normal NAT for our outbound connectivity but also give the two servers public IP's?

Any assistance appreciated?

Standard User caffn8me
(knowledge is power) Tue 03-Jun-14 18:56:13
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Re: Multiple public IP's

[re: ggl17] [link to this post]
I see no reason why you couldn't do that provided that the Juniper supports NAT and routed subnets simultaneously. I know I could easily do this on Cisco ADSL/VDSL routers so it would be surprising if the Juniper couldn't handle this.

Your mail server and IP camera server will both operate on different ports so you don't really need more than one IP address if you set up NAT and PAT for inbound connections.

If you wanted to run two mail servers or two DNS servers, or use a separate firewall to do NAT letting the router just route you'd need more than one IP address.

Having eight IP addresses does give you a bit more room for experimentation in the future.


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