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Standard User DaZzA8
(newbie) Sun 08-Mar-15 16:39:15
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Sudden intermittent high latency & packet loss

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Hi, in the last week or so I've been having problems with my broadband. Before this, I had pretty much perfect internet with no problems at all for at least a year, but all of a sudden our internet started cutting out for hours at a time intermittently.

My ISP is Virgin and I'm on 120 Mb speed, wired connection. I called them up and they sent a technician around who replaced our older superhub with their newer one, Superhub 2 I believe. He said that the power level on our modem was too high and it should be ok now. He tested it and it appeared to be working but it seems it was only a slight improvement. Now the internet rarely cuts out but when it is working it's extremely slow and practically impossible to do reliably do things that require a constant connection like gaming and skype calls. Every now and then on my BQM, the packet loss and latency seems to go down and I can do such things, but only for a little while.

Here are some examples of what my BQM graph has been looking like, and my upstream and downstream info. The first one shows the longest time I've had usable internet so far and you can see on the second one around 10 AM what it looks like when the internet completely cuts out. The rest of the time it's basically unusable.
Downstream info:
Upstream info:

I posted this all on the Virgin forums but it takes their staff a while to reply it seems so it'd be great if I can get some help from here as I really have no clue what could be causing this or how to fix it. It seems strange to me that we went from having years of stability to this. Thank you.

Thanks for the help.
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