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Standard User BrummyGit
(learned) Tue 19-May-15 11:35:38
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Help needed with ADSL2+ connection

[link to this post]

I recently moved home and BT needed to provide a new line to the house as there wasn't one installed. They did this by using a pair from the adjoining house and bringing it into my house to a new NTE5. I have since fitted a filtered ADSL faceplate but the connection has performed the same as when it had filters. I also installed an extension to the customer point of the NTE5 faceplate recently and the performance again has not changed since.

When my line was first installed, BT had to replace the last run to my neighbour's house from the pole due to damage attributed to squirrels chewing the cable. There are a number of poles involved which also run through some trees.

I am getting an intermittent loud crackling on the voice line and my ADSL seems to suffer from disconnects, or at least our broadband seems to stop for a few seconds from time to time. My problem is that I can't reproduce the crackling at other times.

I have a TP-Link TD8817 router in router mode and Asus RT-N66U behind it. This setup worked in my previous home giving a very reliable full speed sync on an 8Mb ADSL2 service. I am now on ADSL2+ and only 400m max from the exchange using an EO line which is shortly due to go to a new Cab for enablement of FTTC. I want to ensure I can get the best possible speeds as we are heavy users.

My Router stats after running for approx 10 mins are:

Downstream SNR Margin = 0.6
Downstream Line Attenuation = 14.5
Downstream Data Rate = 17518
Downstream Max Rate = 20032
Downstream Power = 0
Downstream CRC = 113 after 10 mins
Upstream Data Rate = 1068
Upstream Max Rate = 1068
Upstream Power = 12.3
Upstream CRC = 0

As I type my Downstream SNR Margin has dropped to 0.2

I have the feeling that there is still a damaged cable somewhere in my connection back to the exchange but I need some help to diagnose my problem so that I can get BT to look into it further.

Standard User Zarjaz
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Tue 19-May-15 13:10:50
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Re: Help needed with ADSL2+ connection

[re: BrummyGit] [link to this post]
You could try using the phone and looking at the router stats at the same time ? If this produces heavy errors, and maybe even loss of sync, you could chase this up with your ISP.

It might also just be that you have a 3db snd target, and this is proving unstable, does your router only show CRC's not FEC's ?

Standard User XRaySpeX
(eat-sleep-adslguide) Tue 19-May-15 13:42:43
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Re: Help needed with ADSL2+ connection

[re: BrummyGit] [link to this post]
Try the BT Quiet Line Test (dial 17070 Opt 2), preferably with a corded phone, in the test socket with the router disconnected. If there is any noise, report to your landline provider as a voice fault (don't mention Broadband). Often sorting out voice faults will fix the Broadband as well.

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