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Standard User davelarave
(newbie) Tue 20-Oct-15 16:42:44
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Inconsistent Connection When Not Using Bt Open Reach Modem

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This is my first time posting on this forum.

I'm having issues with my Talk Talk Fibre connection. It started when I received a new upgraded router/modem from Talk Talk. I had QOS issues when I was uploading to services like DropBox my entire network would timeout on any other internet activity. I also had issues with streaming video, the quality would drop off and not return in the evenings. I have tried two router/modems from Talk Talk & a TP Link Router/modem all have similar issues. The only time my connection seems solid is when using an older Talk Talk Router with separate BT Open Reach Modem for fibre.

Here comes my question is it possible that the BT Open Reach Modem is the variable? Could all my issues with the other routers be related to not using the BT modem and using the built in modems on these routers instead?

This is annoying to say the least as I'd quite like to reduce the amount of boxes I have for broadband.

Any ideas on this topic please let me know.
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