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Standard User oldswan
(newbie) Wed 04-May-16 18:52:16
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Speed increase

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Just a question out of interest. When I moved to my present house in July 2014 FTTC was available and my BT connection started with a speed down of 28Mbps and up of 9 Mbps. Over the first three or four months the speed fluctuated between 18 and 35 down but remained almost constant up. In the December of 2014 the down speed dropped to around 10 Mbps only to recover in early January 2015 to around 36Mbps. This speed was maintained for three months but then gradually declined to 28Mbps in February of this year. It remained at this speed until this May when it has suddenly jumped to almost 37Mbps although the uploading speed is still at around 7Mbps to which it has gradually declined over the last year.
Nothing has changed within the house by way of equipment or wiring and I wonder what could be the reason for these fluctuations in my connection speed.

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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Thu 05-May-16 06:51:00
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Re: Speed increase

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FTTC varies according to the local conditions, so without seeing sets of stats for all the different speeds one can only guess that line conditions have been changing and the dynamic line management responding e.g. slowing down to reduce errors and then giving some speed back once things improve.

If you have phone extensions then time to consider a VDSL2 faceplate to reduce the effect these can have.

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