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Standard User niddnet
(newbie) Fri 05-Aug-16 11:41:21
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Demarc Query

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Hi All - I have an interesting question which came to mind last night.

I used to work for a company who was responsible for supplying managed internet to a few business parks in the area. We've used most of the general technologies that are out there, including wireless, structured CAT5, fibre, and 'internal' DSL / Copper.

It's the last method which my query comes to light.

One particular installation - it was a stables conversion in a stately home - it had been provisioned with copper, but not ethernet. (It actually had either a 50pair or 100pair to EACH OFFICE!)

In the Comms Room, we had a DP for each office, as expected with 5 or 10 blocks.

We also had a DP from our private DSLAM, and that's how we delievered the internets. On top of the DSL, we offered VoIP service, but some tenants preferred a hard-wired BT line.

BT have a 50pr between the PCP and the Comms Room - and they use that.

When tenants wanted a BT line, they would simply, as you'd expect, jumper from their DP onto ours, and then terminate in the tenant office with the standard NTE. On a number of occasions, they'd either pull out the existing jumpers from the DSLAM, and even jumper ON TOP of it (when there's 49 other free pairs!!)

Obviously, that's not great practice, but we kept all our docs and wire maps digitally - and we weren't always informed that BT were visiting.

My question goes the other way - in a 'traditional' install, anything behind the face-plates of the NTE is BT property, and thou shalt not touch etc. So where IS the official demarc point? Is it the BT 50pr DP? Is this the "right" way of doing it - or should it have been done differently?

The only way I could see it being done to the limited regs that I understand - would be a whole wall of the Comms Room would have rows of NTE5 for each tenant, and we'd connect between the faceplate and our copper - and then put an extension socket in the client office.

Just wanted to open the discussion - see if anyone's done anything similar (private companies, etc) or if any of the engineers here have come across a similar setup - what would you do vs. what SHOULD you do, if you were following code etc?

If I can clarify anything at all, do let me know smile
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