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Standard User Darquan
(newbie) Sun 14-May-17 19:31:48
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Constant high Ping with Spikes EXCEPT during peak times

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Hi, I have broadband with talktalk which runs at 4.2mbps. My upload is 0.5

I have a terrible ping with get large spikes. This stops at peak times between 7pm-11pm on weekdays where i can run hundreds of pings with averages 35ms to 50ms.

Odd that it runs so well at peak time. Could this be due to inadequet broadband in my area and talktalks peak time traffic management actually stabilises it?

Talktalk have already replaced my router/cables and sent internal and external engineers to the exchange they said they fixed a fault they found but nothing seems to have changed.

Can anyone explain or suggest if anything that can be done to fix this? Talktalk support just say the same things over and over.
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