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Standard User sshum
(newbie) Sat 30-Sep-17 15:44:44
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Intermittent fault, speed can slow and internet drops

[link to this post]

On the 19th June I lost all phone and broadband service. Phone service (which I never use) was fixed on the first Openreach Engineer visit. I then had several more visits by different engineers and now I almost have a stable internet connection.

The current fault is the internet will slow down and drop for no reason every now and then. (A few times a week).

As this is now an intermittent problem, the last engineer to visit (7th engineer to visit) could not find any fault. There is still a fault. When the internet slows down I will plug my laptop in via ethernet to do a speed test and getting very low speeds. Only when the speeds are low, sometimes picking up the phone and dialing a number will cause the broadband to drop. When the broadband is at expected speed, the phone line does not interfere with the broadband.
After 5 minutes or so after the broadband dropping, it will resync and go back to 40 megs which is the expected speed. Then I won't have any issues for usually a few days, when it will slow or drop again.

To date BT Openreach have done the following:
- Changed the master socket in my flat
- Reconnected my line at the distribution point outside my flat
- Changed a jumper in the cabinet.
- Completed a 'Lift and Shift'
- Changed new crimps where the indoor wire and outdoor wire meets
- One engineer was going to replace the cable from the master socket out of the house but ran out of time and the next engineer refused to replace it saying there was no fault with that cable.

My ISP (TalkTalk) have also sent a new router to rule out any router issues.

TT are blaming BT, saying it's their network so all they can do is book engineers to visit and BT saying I have to speak to my service provider if I have a problem.

I could change ISP however, until the fault is fixed with my line, I don't think that will help.

If anyone could give me some advice I would be greatly appreciative.
Standard User kebabselector
(member) Sat 30-Sep-17 17:38:15
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Re: Intermittent fault, speed can slow and internet drops

[re: sshum] [link to this post]
Ultimately it's TalkTalk's problem as you pay the bill to them. You could try this.....

Leaving will fix the problem for Talktalk but pass it on to someone else.

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