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Standard User lelboy
(regular) Fri 31-Dec-10 23:44:48
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o2 disappointment

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Hello all. Just a bit unhappy with o2 (LLU) at the moment.
Six weeks ago I reported a fault to o2 concerning low speed and disconnects. They did a two hour test, and then my 'phone - with o2 - went dead as well. Over the last 6 week period my speed has varied between 1 & 4 meg. A BT engineer 'phoned me and said he'd found "a fault" in an adjacent street cab, and it was fine now. The 'phone does indeed work fine, but my BB is down to 0.4meg! My "ping" is now 226 but it has always been 19 for the last three years each time I have checked it.
Tier 2 at o2 have been quite helpful, including sending me a new router (which they actually said I didn't need, but it was procedure they had to follow).Since then, one "blunt" guy on 2nd tier said one meg is all the line can give, and that's all you'll get with any other ISP. I was not best pleased, as I've averaged between 2.3 & 3.9 meg over the 3 years I've been with o2. When I queried why he made such a comment, he said BT have remapped my line, and there was nowt they could do about it. As I said earlier,, I am now down to 0.4 meg - with dropouts whilst on a 15db profile while a current 24hr line test is done - for the third time. My attenuation is 57db, and has always been that, bar a few day period during these troubles, when it stayed at 66db,
The line cuts out whenever it pleases now, and the lowest recorded speed was 281kb - yes kb. It's currently at 38kb UP & 633kb down -which keeps changing. What my question is, is can o2 cajole BT into "remapping" (?) me elsewhere, because 0.4 and below, is not acceptable surely - especially as my 3 year history with o2 (very happy, I might add) has averaged between 2.5 & 4ish meg - probably about 2.8/3.5 most of the time - on a 6db snr margin (6db for nearly all of the time I've been with o2). For reference, I have one NTE5 socket with NO extension wiring at all - same results with faceplate on or off.
Could BT's work on enabling Infinity at my exchange be causing problems, do you think?
Any helpful observations, please?
Happy new year to all. Cheers, Les.
( my exchange is ALBERT DOCK east London tel no 0207473****)
Standard User RobertoS
(sensei) Sat 01-Jan-11 09:39:44
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Re: o2 disappointment

[re: lelboy] [link to this post]
Support for genuine line problems is beginning to look as though it has been withdrawn.

Although you say the attenuation hasn't changed, please can you post the full line stats, see this page, in case anything else apart from the high noise margin shows up?

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