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Standard User charlesrr
(newbie) Wed 23-Mar-11 10:45:39
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Talk Talk Business (ex-Nildram/Opal) - Super Slow?

[link to this post] <<Click.
It says 0.17Mb/s download (!!) / 0.64Mb/s upload (normal) / 84ms ping (normally around 60ms so a bit slower than normal)

I'm on an exchange that has not been unbundled (Sidlesham).
I am an ex-Nildram customer.
With Nildram I would get max speed up and down at any time of the day or night and I would leave my router untouched for months at a time (on constantly).
With Opal it was a bit flakey but normally a disconnect on the router would put me back to normal.

Now with TalkTalk Business I have been getting really poor performance (faster upload than download!), normally in the evenings. It happens every couple of weeks. Lasts for a few hours and then fixes itself (without me doing anything - I gave up trying disconnects because it did nothing).

Last night I was desperate to download some software, but I could barely connect to websites, let alone download anything, so I phoned TalkTalk Business tech support, but their ticketing system was "down" so they asked me to call back in the morning (by which time the connection was back to normal (6.5Mb/s down).

Anyone else having this problem too?
Standard User Allan1
(regular) Wed 23-Mar-11 18:11:04
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Re: Talk Talk Business (ex-Nildram/Opal) - Super Slow?

[re: charlesrr] [link to this post]
I'm no longer have OPAL(previously F2S) as my ISP, I left because of the very problem you describe - except my poor speeds were fairly constant though on my exchange after I moved ISP I believe the speeds went back to normal(and it wasn't me hogging all the bandwidth). If you look in the Freedom-2-Surf forum or possibly theNildram forum you may find people who are still with OPAL who may be able to answer your query about the current situation.

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