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Standard User emofishcake
(newbie) Sun 18-Sep-11 21:09:21
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Virgin Media slow but constant degrading service

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I have been a virgin media user for a long time now, i am not the bill payer so i can not post a complaint on the virgin media forums so i'm posting here....

basically when i was in university last year we got a 50Mbit broadband deal in west london... it started at 50MB reliable service... then slowly degraded getting speeds slower than 1-2Mbits and high pings of about 150-200ms... and ping tests measured packet loss of about 25%... anyway this was last year

now THIS YEAR(east london) , my dad upgraded from 10Mbit to 30Mbit optical fibre, which was great at the start... as time progressed the speed dropped from 20Mbit average, to about 5Mbit then now (3 months in) I'm lucky if i get 0.2Mbits upload and 0.2Mbits download!! its so bad that speed test on mt 3G PHONE gives me atleast 2Mbits download!!

whenever we phone up... they always think its settings with the router...(with the stupid cheap netgear modem/router in one they gave us) they always say restart, change a few settings.. there are no faults in my area.. and for this to occur in two places... two totaly different setups.. i doubt it is bad luck!

also, all the tests were done with only one computer connected to the router, more recently can not even complete a speed test because of the quality of this service!! we are now moving to BE as some family are on thier, and they say its slower but VERY reliable service... and the customer service ACTUALLY know what they are talking about...

its truely embaressing that my mobile phone can achieve higher down/up speeds and sometimes even pings... does virgin media have any sort of explanation???

both done at 9pm on a sunday

Here we go speed tests from my phone:
ISP T-Mobile: Ping: 221ms Down:1656kbps Up:301kbps

Vergin media result:
ISP VirginMedia: Ping:25ms Down: 178kbps Up:874 kbps

Im on a 30Mbit connection... im getting 0.178Mbits... 0.6% of what im paying for... i wasnt asking for 100% i would say atleast 25% is respectable though?



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Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Mon 19-Sep-11 10:05:23
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Re: Virgin Media slow but constant degrading service

[re: emofishcake] [link to this post]
Assuming power levels and error rates in their modem are ok, then sounds like congestion in the area, due to everyone using the service a lot.

Or you are downloading/uploading enough to trigger their FUP, or using applications that are traffic managed.

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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Standard User emofishcake
(newbie) Tue 20-Sep-11 10:19:40
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Re: Virgin Media slow but constant degrading service

[re: MrSaffron] [link to this post]
Yeah probably congestion but its awful! don't offer a service that you cant provide atleast 10% constantly lol! and i know its in thier terms and conditions not to overuse your bandwith as it may affect others...

all we use it for is general internet browsing, Facebook / Youtube / emails etc. and my Xbox in the evening when no one else is on the net... which lags like hell! the fact that this is becoming worse in both cases is pretty bad! either way my bethere bebox goes live on thursday =] just fealt i should share my experience, some people will disagree but i guess closer you are to london ive heard less people complain!

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