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Standard User loopy84
(newbie) Wed 15-Feb-12 14:53:41
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Im also fed up with Talk talk

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I have seen many threads on this site and others regarding Talk talk. I have been with them for three years with no issues up till october 2011

my net died, wouldnt sync telephone line went noisy and crakly, line would go dead and no calls in our out could be made. Call them up and they send one of their own engineers out.

First engineer tells me that my sn margain is too low and thats whats causing the issue. So me being clueless goes ok. and they call a bt engineer out. He tells me something different. He says there's a break in the line and I have my line replaced from my house to the telegraph pole. This was supposed to fix the issue. This didnt fix it. Week later it starts up again, four more engineers out, sent out at the wrong times (bearing in mind i tell talk talk exactly when they need to be here to see the fault every time) and nothing is found.

The talk talk engineers might be qualified and good with other people, But the ones they sent out to me tell me from what the bt guys say is complete gibberish. They tell me that the line is connected up wrong to a disconnected line where at the time my phone line works and is stable, another tells me its my mains socket for the bt line and it needs replaced, bt comes out and they say the guy aint got a clue.

Which hasnt been the case. Since then every single sunday monday tuesday my internet drops between 10.30am and 2.30pm it wont sync at all. longest it will stay connected is about two mins and in that time my connection will drop at least 100+ times.

I called talk talk again, told them when the issue was happening. and they send an engineer out at the wrong time. So no fault is found then. I get charged for the call out also for time wasting..

I bought a new telephone, new router, new cables, new filters. I run on Ethernet cablesand its still the same issue. I even went to the extent of unplugging everything in my house to see if there was anything inside that was causing the issue and im coming up blank. Talk talk says theres no fault and are now making no effort at all to look into the matter. Its clearly been there since back in october. Ive been hitting a brick wall with them for weeks now and i am in the process of leaving them.. But still with the same issue.

Just thought id let people know. If this is in the wrong place id appreciate someone moving it.
Standard User moggy68
(learned) Wed 15-Feb-12 21:34:39
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Re: Im also fed up with Talk talk

[re: loopy84] [link to this post]
I am really sorry to hear your problems, sounds like the opposite to me my SNR Margin was too high, the guys on here are superb! Few weeks ago, i did not even know how to get into the router stats, let alone understand them.

Know exactly how you feel re Talk Talk, i was banging my head against a brick wall aswell. Not sure anyone has told you, but also put your problems on the Talk Talk forum, it will take a week for them to reply, but be patient, they will try and help, as i will never telephone them again, total waste of time!

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