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Standard User ansaar99
(member) Sat 31-Mar-12 02:06:46
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sky broadband loss of service 6 times in last year

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I have sky broadband, and i have lost the broadband service 6 times in the last year. Almost every couple of months. The problem is the same everytime, the broadband goes completely, the phone line remains or goes with it. The engineer has to be sent to the exchange, and he reports a fault with the "frame" which he fixes and then the service is restored.

As far as i understand the problem there is something wrong with the wiring at the initial point in the exchange. Maybe when they are doing some work, my wiring is knocked loose? But how can this happen with such a high frequency in my case, or am i just unlucky?

I also notice that when i call my phone at home that I hear a lot of crackling. it doesnt seem to interfere with the broadband, and the line tests all pass, but theres definite crackling. I dont believe the exterior wiring into the house is perfect either.

Should i demand they provide with with a new line with new wiring? Is that likely to fix the issue?

nb: the line was owned and managed by BT originally, and there was no disconnections then. Then SKY took over as the line provider (same physical line), but it all started after that.
Administrator MrSaffron
(staff) Sat 31-Mar-12 09:17:17
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Re: sky broadband loss of service 6 times in last year

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When Sky took over rather than going to the BT hardware, after the initial frame in the exchange you are jumpered to a different set of wiring. It is most likely this linking is the issue.

At a guess maybe when someone is adding more Sky customers to these link frames, they are knocking your line out of its connectors. Should not happen, but if you see inside an exchange you can see how it would be easy enough to do

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
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